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Roll Jet Scooter Medium -Purple

Roll Jet Scooter Medium -Purple

By: Boostmee



Product Description

Rolljet is an Urban Beast, designed to defeat all.
When in town, with RollJet you are the winner. On your way downtown you easily avoid the crowd and have a good time, while everybody else is stuck in traffic jam, or waiting for the bus or underground or even walking. Everything you need is kept in the bag, which is safely and comfortably attached to your RollJet. In the mall or at school the RollJet transforms into a bag on wheels in a second. When you find yourself on the terrain, which is not suitable for wheels, you simply fold your RollJet and thus transform it into a backpack.

Designed for the young of different kinds
RollJet was developed as an innovative and entertaining gadget for young people. It doesn't mean that RollJet couldn't be used by all those, who are young at heart – be on their way to work, when they go shopping or for recreation only.